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Grace grew up a dancer in Indiana.  She studied musical theatre at Ball State University, spent some time well lived in Chicago, and currently resides in Brooklyn where she makes her own work and collaborates with others.  She acts on stage and on screen and is a member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA.  She is a proud volunteer and Smartpartner of the 52nd Street Project.



High and Dry (UK Channel 4) - filming season 1 in the Seychelles. Fuck me i'm lucky. High heels in the sand, head wraps a la Edie Beale // July 2017

Women Who Kill opens at IFC on Wednesday, July 26th YAY YES YAY that the world will finally see it.  // Juy 2017

Untitled Jenny Lumet Pilot (CBS) - series regular - bright stripes, fake gun, real good company  // April 2017

What Children Do premieres at Cinequest FF.  I love everyone in this goddamn movie so much. // March 2017

Mindhunter (Netflix, premiers 2017) - ep. 108 - Blue eyeliner and shade of purple polyester that they just don't make anymore  // July 2016

Women Who Kill premieres at Tribeca FF - Ingrid Jungermann for the win with Best Screenplay!! I wore a stupid grin, a dog brooch. I'm so proud.  // April 2016

What Children Do - Dean Peterson's funny feature up in Woodstock. Innocent sweaters, a sad face because we can't shoot forever  // April 2016

Blindspot (NBC) - guest starring ep. 1.15 - "Fashion" bangs. Not your average, everyday bangs. Premieres March 28th 10/9c  // January 2016

The Good Wife (CBS- guest starring ep. 7.13 - Suit jackets did all the acting.  // December 2015

Master of None (Netflix- guest starring ep. 1.7 - another apron and a smile on a set within a set. Show premieres on November 6th! // May 2015

Elementary (CBS) - guest starring ep. 3.13some heels I could not properly walk in, a Brooklyn accent // February 2015

Biker Bar - a live-action pilot for Adult Swim - series regular - an apron, a silver cross, a lot of fake pee  // November 2014


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